Laser Jewelry Engraving



Fusion Jewelry offers high quality laser engraving . We have a wide range of jewelry design services to offer our clients, from assistance with your design concept to giving your pre-existing jewelry the extra details that will set them apart. For information about our engraving services, read about your options.

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If you have a design in mind that requires a high level of precision and depth to complete, or you want an entire batch of jewelry to feature identically engraved details, then hand engraving may not be the best choice. For projects like this, laser engraving reigns supreme.

With laser engraving, tools are computer-controlled, the layout is mathematically calculated, and the lines that are created are sharp, smooth, and permanent. Whether you want your engraving to feature a specific font, a blackening technique, or even an image, we would be happy to oblige. We are happy to engrave your design on either flat or curved surfaces.

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For those of you who want to add an extra touch of character to your jewelry, hand engraving may prove to be the more favorable option.